With our home office in Rodeo, California.

Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers

700 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, CA 94572

Phone: 510-758-2095  Fax: 510-758-4905

We will pay "CASH" for you vehicle running or not, give us a call Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers 510-758-2095

We Want Your Car/Truck/Van

We will pay if you qualify $1000.00

For Your 1994 and older car, truck or van.

The voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program [VAVR] pays $1000 for "Qualified" cars that are operable and registered.

Recycle Parts and Used Cars

Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers

We Buy Your Vehicile

Buy Back Program

What We Do


We have indoor vehicle storage available in our Vallejo location for $125.00 per month.

Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers specializes in used engines and drive train components, transmissions and rear ends, third members, suspension and brake parts for cars and trucks of all sizes and makes, domestic and foreign.

We also have front subframes complete with all drive train components.
Drive shafts for front and rear wheel drive cars. Radiators new and used.
Front clips and body parts for many older cars and trucks.

We have an inventory of used cars and rebuildable salvaged automobiles.

We also have a large selection of parts in stock for both domestic and foreign cars on the premises. In addition to our large inventory we are able to access an extensive network of parts suppliers.

Indoor Auto Storage